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CQL Korea March 2023 Update

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CQL Korea March 2023 Update

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Morrow Batteries
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Naja Boone

Naja Boone

Press contact Director of Marketing & Communications

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From left: Amira Bakar, Process Engineer and Marcus Våle, Project Manager

Morrow Batteries has started battery cell production at its technology development centre in South Korea

Morrow Batteries has announced that its Customer Qualification Line (CQL) in Chungju-si, Korea is now operational.
"We are delighted to announce another milestone for Morrow Batteries. Following the successful development of an A-sample Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cell earlier this year, we will now be able to produce up to 2.000 final format prismatic cells monthly at our production l

The Morrow CQL in Chungju-si, Korea

Morrow Batteries achieves yield of 86 per cent from Customer Qualification Line in Korea in four months

Morrow Batteries ASA (Morrow) is announcing it has achieved stable production of battery cells at its Customer Qualification Line (CQL) in South Korea with a yield of 86 per cent. According to industry standards, the average yield is at 70% yield in the beginning, then moves up to 88-92% in the first two years of production. "Achieving 86% in four months suggests high efficiency and effectiveness

Speeding up the energy transition with cost-effective and sustainable batteries.

Follow our journey at and @MorrowBatteries on LinkedIn.

Morrow Batteries