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Morrow Batteries establish a ground-breaking industrialization centre for battery technology

With Morrow Industrialization Centre (MIC), Morrow Batteries will accelerate the industrialization of battery technologies and cell production. The company aims to start building the industrialization centre later this year.

“Morrow Industrialization Centre will be crucial to our success in product development and scaling up our activity to the level of our planned Gigafactory. We will work in close relationship with partners and customers to further develop the right future battery technology. This will be an important milestone for us, as we continue pursuing our mission to accelerate the green energy transmission with the most sustainable and cost-effective batteries in the world”, says Terje Andersen, CEO of Morrow Batteries.

Morrow Industrialization Centre will consist of a pilot factory with real production capacity, and several industrial resource centres. Such as Battery Innovation Centre, Material Pilot Centre and a Recycling Pilot Centre. This will contribute to Morrow Batteries being at the forefront of the battery technology development.

The establishment of the MIC will happen in stages. Morrow Batteries aims to start building the Battery Innovation Centre later this year. The location is yet to be decided, but it will be located somewhere in the South of Norway also known as the Battery coast.

Designed by world-leading experts

Together with world-leading technical and planning experts from PEM, a spin-off from the RWTH Aachen University in Germany, Morrow Batteries is already in the process of defining product specifications and designing the infrastructure.

“The MIC would be the first battery industrialization centre in the world that would cover all the needs of the current Li-ion technology platform and at the same time capable of incorporating next generation technologies such as solid-state electrolytes, lithium-metal anodes, pre-lithiated silicon dominant anodes and sulfur-based cathodes. The centre makes it possible to industrialize new technology and manufacture battery cells for niche markets, and can also be used for customer qualification for volume markets”, says Rahul Fotedar, CTO of Morrow Batteries.

PEM has a solid track record and is well known within the battery- and automotive industry. They have developed the setup for the UK Battery Industrialization Centre and are leading the planning of Fraunhofer Research Factory for Battery Cells FFB in Germany, and have expertise within the system of battery development, manufacturing and logistic setup, among others.



Morrow Batteries AS (“Morrow”) is an industrial technology company based in Norway. In face of the green energy transition, the Morrow strategy is twofold; delivering current technology products and developing next-generation batteries that are cost-effective and more sustainable. These new batteries will feature the breakthrough cathode material (LNMO) - eliminating the need for cobalt and reducing the use of nickel and lithium, while maximizing the utilization of readily available and clean manganese. The industrial scale-up was founded in 2020. Headquartered in Arendal, Norway, it now counts 100+ battery specialists across four offices internationally. Learn more at and @MorrowBatteries on LinkedIn.


Naja Boone

Naja Boone

Press contact Director of Marketing & Communications

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